Piston Clip PTC005

TBS Ltd is delighted to announce a new brake pad part of Commercial Car Kit, as follows:
Brake Pad Piston Clips for BMW3, BMW5,BMW X3 and BMW Z4

  • Position: Front Axle
  • Year of production: 1995-2011
  • Pad OE numbers: 34111163953, 34111164330, 3411 3404362, 34116750148, 34116754705, 34116761243, 34111163387, 34112157588, 34112357229, 34116779652
  • Pad WVA numbers: 21990, 21676, 21677
  • TBS Code: PTC005The parts are in stock at our UK warehouse for immediate delivery.
    The team will be glad to send samples for your appraisal.
    As usual, we can supply part or all of the kit, in bulk or packed in kits.
    Just ask and a solution can be tailored to meet your needs.The best wishes from the team

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