Brake caliper screw for Mercedes Benz and VW

The Major business expansion with a new headquarter in Hartlepool, adding warehousing services to our business sector.

TBS Ltd is delighted to announce a new addition to its extensive range of brake pad accessories, as follows:

Brake caliper screw for Mercedes Benz and VW

  • Position: Rear Axle
  • Year of production: 04/2006 – 07/2011
  • OE numbers: 0044208120, 0044207420, 0044208120, 04862603AA, 04862603AB, 04862603AC, 0054207420, 0064202220, 0064204520, A0044208120, A0054207420, A0064202220, A0064204520, A5420742028, 2E0698451A, 2E0698451B, 44208120, 4862603AA, 54207420, 5420742028
  • WVA numbers: 29217, 603842, 573510, 1247.80, 29190, 8432D131, 8432D1318; 24484, 8767D1555
  • TBS Code: HF-1031-ZP-360-C

We can supply part or all of the kit, in bulk or packed in kits.

Just ask and a solution can be tailored to meet your needs.

The team will be glad to send samples for your appraisal.

For more information or samples: or call us today +441642431990.

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