TBS pride ourselves on customer focused storage & delivery services,
protecting your supply chain.

Logistic Solutions

Our 50,000 square feet UK warehousing space allows us to rack up 20,000+ pallets. Romanian warehouse is 10,000 square feet with capacity of 5000 pallets and 20,000 square feet facility in Rotterdam has space for 7,000 pallets.

Logistic Solutions

We provide all types of logistics services covering not only Europe but also global clients, offering bespoke services upon request.

Product Warehousing

We at TBS take the best possible care of your goods. This requires competent systems and staff, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained.

Short Term Storage

We offer a wide range of storage services coupled with various transport options utilising our automotive expertise.

Close to all main sea, air and road links of the North East of England

Our services are Lineside, Kanban, Consignment, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Traditional Pallet Network, Container Freight globally and available with our own transportation fleet.

TBS offers bespoke options to suit your business

By listening to both your needs and requirements, TBS delivers a completely customised supply chain solution, no matter what industry you are in.

Why Choose Us

Managing supply chain logistics is a complex process. With our logistical solutions, you can add value to your management process all the way from supplier to customer delivery.

Customised Service

Pick and mix from our value added services beyond simple storaging: packing , automated Kitting, labelling, In-house lab services, CMM inspection, and bespoke Insurance cover.

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Fast, experienced and efficient. Our team is always available to answer your questions and help you quickly find the issue.

trust and experience

Trust & Experience

Family business through 4 generations since 1975, we have a name to trust because we care.